SIP-enabled h.264 Video Outdoor Intercom with Keypad


The CyberData SIP-enabled h.264 Video Outdoor Intercom with Keypad is perfect for secure access settings requiring video and two-way communication. With excellent color and low light capability, the CyberData SIP-enabled h.264 Video intercom can increase the security of any VoIP installation.

The Weather Shroud can be purchased separately for even greater weather protection. Based on one of our most popular devices, the new Video Outdoor Intercom with Keypad can be installed in nursing care facilities, schools and universities, daycare facilities, retail establishments, highway tolls, needing color video and clear two way audio.

New Features
Point to Point Configurable, eliminating need for VoIP video phone with CyberSoftPhone (free download)
Integrates with Network Dual Door Strike Relay Module (part number 011375) and Door Strike Relay Module (part number 011269)
PoE 802.3af enabled (Powered-over-Ethernet)
SIP compliant
Adjustable camera angle
12-key keypad with backlight
Programmable speed dial
Full-duplex voice operation
Supports SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) in a Cisco environment
Network web management
Network adjustable speaker volume and microphone sensitivity
Network downloadable firmware
Doubles as a paging speaker
Dry relay contact for auxiliary control (controls external power)
Door closure and tamper alert signal
Optional Weather Shroud for even greater weather protection
IP65 rated enclosure
Conformal coated PCBA
Optional Security Torx screws with driver kit
Downloadable alert, ringtones and callout messages