Giving back. Our Social Responsibility

Information Technology Foundation Singapore (ITFS)

The Cal4care Group is a firm believer in giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate. With that in mind, we established the Information Technology Foundation Singapore (ITFS). 

ITFS’ objective is to support, educate and train individuals and less fortunate communities in Singapore by providing them with the basic IT knowledge and training for simple system integrations and network programming.  
It’s our mission to educate these groups in the field of Information Technology. We aim to develop an environment for an improved standard of living for indigent communities and assist them in improving their chances for a better future and career.  

To achieve our mission, we provide training and material as well as assistance, free of charge. Additionally, we provide customised training for the youth in order to motivate them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and encourage more start-ups in the IT service provider and networking industry. 

Manomaya Buddha Foundation

The Manomaya Buddha Foundation was founded by Manikandan Chockalingam. It began with the opening of the Manomaya Buddha Temple which was built on his property and at his own personal cost.

Following on from the opening of the temple, the Manomaya Buddha Foundation was established. The foundation intends on helping less fortunate children with their education, studies, and additional training they may require. The foundation will also supply schools with all the necessary equipment they may require.

In addition to helping children and schools, the foundation will also be setting up nursing homes for the sick and elderly.

Manomaya Buddha Foundation is set up to do many good deeds. Not only in our town but also in the surrounding villages, regardless of social standing, religion, and ethnicity.

  • Free computer training throughout the year for students of class 10 and above.
  • Providing free computer training to those who need advanced training.
  • Free English-Speaking Lessons.
  • Providing incentives to students who do well in their studies.
  • Aid for higher studies to poor students who are well educated.
  • Supply of books to school libraries.
  • Supply of necessary equipment to schools.
  • Setting up of nursing homes for the sick and elderly with medical facilities.