Junior Python Developer

We’re looking for a highly-motivated, resourceful and team-oriented Junior Python Developer to join our development team. The junior developer will have the opportunity to learn and grow in the guidance of our experienced developers and write Python code which is efficient and modular server-side code.  

You will need the skills to write a plethora of unit tests for your code to ensure all functions operate seamlessly. You will need good collaboration and communication skills to be able to effectively learn from our senior developers and coordinate with other teams when needed. 


  • Work with other developers. 
  • Implement Python code with assistance from senior developers. 
  • Write effective test cases such as unit tests to ensure it is meeting the software design requirements. 
  • Ensure Python code when executed is efficient and well written. 
  • Refactor old Python code to ensure it follows modern principles. 
  • Ensure integration can take place with front end systems. 
  • Identify and fix code where bugs have been identified. 


  • The ability to problem-solve. 
  • Fundamental understanding of Python and its frameworks. 
  • Fast learner with an ability to adapt techniques based on requirements. 
  • Knowledge of how to effectively test Python code. 
  • Great communication and collaboration skills. 

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