Our Brands

SIP Trunks & Cloud PBX Services

We are certified providers of IP-PBX systems from leading brands. As a software developer, we have mobile VoIP apps for all the platforms(Windows, android, Mac) using which businesses can make mobile phone calls over the internet.

Callacloud gives you the solution for an easy, cost-effective and flexible way to make phone calls using IP Technology, rather than opting for the traditional PSTN Network. We source products from some of the country’s and world’s leading brands in the Voip Sector such as Htek, Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Snom,etc.

Cloudnippon is one of the ITSPs (internet service providers) quality of the service is top notch. We have added advantage of providing local services here in Japan with TOKYO; OSAKA; KAWASAKI; KAWAGUCHI; KOBE; KOKUBUNJI; NAGOYA; SATAMA; CHIBA; NARITA , service with facilities like IVR, Call forwarding, ring group, called ID etc.

Callnclear is a communication service provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony systems. We provide onsite and hosted solutions reducing and simplifying business communication needs. Our products enjoy advanced communication capabilities because we do not compromise on our network infrastructure.

Hardware Development

Specially designed for 3CX to offer a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features right out of the box. Supporting around 32 concurrent calls with 200 users and built using the technology of the open-platform software PBX from 3CX. The Call4tel Nx32 is making installation and management of your phone system easier than ever.

Software Services

Mr.VoIP is driven by a young and energetic workforce combined with a passion to deliver comfort to our clients through the solutions. Accompanied with more than 10 years of experience, Mr.VoIP serves a worldwide customer base of more than 50 large scale deployments and 500 small to medium scale deployments.

Our mission is to amplifying the business growth of our customers with innovational ideas to deliver Quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the globe.

SMS Services

Delivered above excellent and high speed SMS gateway functionalities with easy to access dashboard to many clients around the globe.


IT care offers a complete business solution for your IT needs. We understand how essential it is for businesses to have their computer systems up and running at all times. We offer a broad range of support services tailored to your needs—from PC, servers and network support, including equipment selection and procurement, to staffing and security.

Cal4Care is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers/partners and how they track, measure and authenticate their processes from start till delivery. Our multi platform technologies are based on proprietary software/hardware bundles and advanced materials.

NGO/Voluntary Services

Manage, promote and serve individuals and less fortunate families in Singapore with basic IT knowledge and training in simple system integration and network programming. Provide essential knowledge and material assistance in terms educating and providing IT related products to the needy free of charge;